Get the most out of your computer

Whether you need more storage for your music, photos and videos, more memory to be able to run bigger applications, or just want to get better performance from your computer, upgrading your current computer can give you the results you need without spending lots on money on a new computer.

What is involved?

System upgrades generally involve adding new components to increase the performance of your computer, or updating software to increase functionality. If you are looking to improve your system, it’s definitely worth considering. Devon Digital Services will appraise your current computer, discuss your expectations and advise on what is possible, along with a free no obligation quotation.

What can I expect?

Typical upgrades include replacing a traditional computer hard drive with a solid state drive. This will speed up the overall computer as it will take less time to write or retrieve data to the drive, and will also speed up the computer’s time to boot up.

Another common upgrade is to increase the amount of RAM in your computer. This can bring improvements in the general performance and capacity of your computer.

More advanced hardware upgrades can include upgrading the video card to boost the visual aspects of the machine (useful if you want to play more demanding games), replacing the monitor for a bigger or higher precision display, adding an additional monitor, or even replacing the Central Processing Unit for a faster processor.

Software can also be updated or upgraded as long as your computer is compatible. Software updates known as patches are released by software companies like Microsoft to fix bugs and security flaws in their software. Occasionally, completely new versions of software are released which add new functionality. Devon Digital Services can expertly upgrade and configure your applications, computer programs, and even upgrade your operating system if required – always checking for compatibility, and creating restore points to enable safe rollback in case of problems.

At all times, the safety of your data is paramount, so you can relax knowing that your computer is in safe hands. Contact us now and see what Devon Digital Services can do to boost your computer.