When you get a new computer, setting it up can be daunting.

It’s great getting a new computer, but before you can start enjoying the benefits, it will need to be set up. Many things may have have changed since your last computer (or maybe it’s your first one) but Devon Digital Services can help. From unboxing to fully installed, connected and working, we will explain what we are doing as we go and are happy to make recommendations to ensure that your new computer is working as best as it can.

Our basic computer setup service covers:

Operating system

Your new computer may come with a newer version of the operating system. For example, you may have been using Windows 7 on your previous machine, but your new computer may come with Windows 10. The layout is different and familiar options may not be available. Let us know what you need, and we will configure your operating system to work to your expectations, connecting to WiFi, remapping lost network drives, etc.


Drivers are software which control a hardware device. Inside you computer will find many devices such as graphics cards, network adaptors and hard drives. They all need to have drivers to operate. Vendors often release several versions of drivers over the lifespan of a component, each of them enhancing functionality or compatibility. We always make sure that you are using the optimal drivers for your hardware.

Software installations

Any software which you may have previously used on another computer will need to be installed onto your new system. Our service includes checking that you are running the latest compatible versions of software and locating previous files you have have been working with to ensure that they are accessible through your software.


New computers usually need to have various security aspects configured. This may include patching software and operating systems to ensure all the latest security vulnerability fixes have been applied, setting up local firewalls to only allow permitted applications to send and receive data from your computer, and antivirus to be installed to detect and remove any suspicious files.

Peripheral devices

Any devices which your computer needs to connect to, such as Printers or WiFi will be set up and ready to use.

Recovery setup

Once your computer is all working correctly, we will make a backup of all the system settings which you will be able to use to recover your system back to a working state should things go wrong in the future. We will show you how to do this, but will also be happy to help if needed.

Make the most of your new computer from day one with a professional setup from Devon Digital Services.