This Environmental Policy covers all aspects of operations at Devon Digital Services. The policy commits us to provide services and source from suppliers that adhere to environmentally sound ways of operating where possible and is available to be accessed by customers and staff via our website.

This Environmental Policy will be regularly referenced when participating in the decision-making process, and will be reviewed annually by the Directors of the company.

We will use solar panels to provide the majority of electricity used to power our IT workstations, monitors, WiFi and all other electronic devices used within the development and delivery of our services. We will also encourage the use of ‘sleep’ mode for computers during the working day and will commit to switching off when not in use overnight, where possible. Lighting and other environmental resources will only be switched on only when needed and not out of routine

We will reduce waste where possible by carefully considering purchases and how they are used. We aspire to the “paperless office” ethos by using online resources such as email and digital booking systems. Wherever possible, non-essential documents and emails will not be printed, instead using email and the web as a means of communication, documentation and collaboration.

When printing is a unavoidable, we aim to use 100% recycled paper (where possible), and will annually review our printing of documents to ensure that all non-essential printing is cancelled thus reducing waste and saving money.

All our invoicing is sent out via email and we encourage our customers to pay us electronically online rather than by cheque.

Toner cartridges, inkjets and all paper, card, glass and tin will be recycled. Food waste will be composted. If IT equipment is being replaced then we will endeavour to have those items reused or recycled.

Last updated: 09/07/2020