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Did you know that customers judge the quality of your products or services by the quality of your website?

Not only that, but within 3-5 seconds of landing on your website, prospective customers will have already made up their minds whether to stay or move on. In that few seconds, your website must grab their attention, convey your message and encourage them to engage further. This is known in marketing as “The Blink Test“.

Devon Digital Services build websites with this in mind, testing to ensure pages load quickly, ensuring visual design is both appealing and easy to consume, and many other techniques to ensure that website visitors get a positive experience from the start.

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We love creative ideas!

With creativity comes passion, and passion is what drives your business forward. When it comes to websites, our passion is working with you or your business to create something memorable, engaging and functional.

Devon Digital Services’ web specialists have been creating websites since 1995 and understand exactly how to create a perfectly balanced site which will perform well across the many aspects expected of a modern website.

So why choose Devon Digital Services?

When we engage with clients to build or redesign a website, we always take time to understand their brand and business, the type of audience they want to target, and the results they want to achieve from the website. With that insight, we can work out a site structure, create and present wireframes, create designs and plan user journeys to desired goals.

Using this, a prototype website can be built and tested across computer and mobile devices, and once approved, can be moved to a staging website ready for content to be added prior to launching. We can manage the technical aspects such as hosting, domain name registration and general website maintenance, and if required, we are happy to assist with content generation and population.

In addition to building new websites, Devon Digital Services offer website migration services for customers who wish to move from one platform to another. This service includes testing and managed site switchover, and meticulous attention is paid to ensuring that your link value flows to the new site to avoid losing your Google page rank.

We can track and report on the performance of your website, and can also help to boost your website visibility through search engine optimisation.

In addition to building a great looking website, we take care of technical aspects such as accessiblity, secure, work on mobile devices, be easily

Whether you are looking to set up a completely new web presence, or to refresh your existing website, Devon Digital Services will work closely with you to design, build and launch a website designed for maximum instant impact, and also showcase your products, services or interests to your local or global audience. Why not get in touch to discuss how our web development process can work for you.