There are a variety of SEO techniques which work alongside each other to maximise your impact when Google performs this task, but the most fundamental thing to get right is “on-page optimization”. Digital Dynamite offer the following on page optimization services, designed to get your website onto the front page of Google, and keep you there.

Keyword research and analysis

Your customers will be searching for you by using keywords they feel are going to bring back useful results. Some of these keywords will be highly relevant, and will probably have a lot of competition. Other keywords may be more niche, with less competition, and therefore more chance of success. We can help you to identify the best keywords for your website, targeting your products and services, analysing the competition, and making sure you have the best chance of becoming highly visible to your chosen audience.

Title tag optimization

The title tag plays an important role in how search engines view your website. It indicates what the page is about and needs to be descriptive and readable by search engines, and less than 70 characters in length. Once your keywords have been identified, they need to appear here prominently with the most important keyword at the front, but only those relevant to the content and focus of the page. Title tags which don’t correspond with the page content will trigger alerts in search engines and cause low page ranking. Title tags need to be different for every page, so only use the relevant keywords in each tag and avoid keyword stuffing. Other title tag techniques include the use of the | symbol, usually with your website or company name after it.

Meta description tag optimization

Over the years, the use of meta data by search engines has changed with less emphasis being placed on some attributes, however they are still a very useful part of on-page optimisation, and are used in search engine results to describe your website to potential customers. The optimal meta description length is between 150-160 characters, and again, your keywords are important to include here.

Page structure

The way you structure the content on your pages is also something which search engines notice. Well structured pages with header tags used in descending order, properly defined alt-text tags for images, and well labelled links all help search engines to traverse the page and build an accurate index record of its focus.

There are many more on-page optimisation areas which can be used to achieve better placements in search engine results. Digital Dynamite offer a free assessment of your on-page optimisation, and can work with you to identify and implement improvements which will directly impact your visibility and relevance to your customers.