When trying to find information on a product or service, your customers probably use a popular search engine, like Google or Bing.

They will search using one or more words which they feel describe the product or service they are looking for. The result is a list of websites, matched with the words, ordered by relevance.

If you know which words your customers are using, you can then discover which ones you have the best chance to rank highly with, which is why good keyword research is an essential foundation for your SEO efforts.

Once you have identified the keywords your customers are using, it’s important to check out the competition. Quite often single words or short combinations will already have established websites which match with them and have gained authority over time which makes them difficult to compete with. Fortunately there are tools such as Keyword Generator and Keyword Sheeter which can be used to identify alternative versions of these words which may not have the same level of competition.

Targeting these words will improve your chances of your website achieving a higher ranking.

If you are writing a blog and want to optimise your posts to match questions being asked by your customers, you may want to to try QuestionDB. This tool uses the database from Reddit which contains over 48 million questions people have used to find information. It sorts by popularity and groups topics together which is useful when exploring potential questions which your blog will provide information about.

If you want to see how popular keywords have been historically, a handy tool is Google Trends. This tool displays a visual timeline of keyword usage. With this you can discover previous spikes which may be tied to specific events (such as Christmas). You will also be able to see the popularity of keywords across different countries, which may be useful if your target audience is worldwide.

Using keyword research, you may discover niche terms which may have far less competition. These greatly increase the chances of success, especially if your website caters uniquely for those niches, and can be used as a way into an existing competitive field.

Other techniques can include using local keywords to gain prominence in local listings, which Google in placing increasing importance upon.

Devon Digital Services can work with you to identify the best keywords for your business. Once discovered they can be used as a foundation for content, website markup, articles and many other seo initiatives to grow your authority and ultimately reach the customers who are searching for specific products or services offered through your website.