Maximise the potential of your IT resources.

What is server Virtualisation?

Server virtualisation is acheived by creating a virtual platform on your physical servers which allows their resources to power virtual server software images. Each virtual server acts independently, running it’s own operating system, and can be configured for a specific use such as an application server, file server or web server, just like physical servers.

What are the benefits?

A traditional physical server only uses a fraction of it’s potential processing power which can result in large numbers of underutilised servers, all consuming power and filling up the racks in your data center. By removing the direct link between servers and hardware, you can allocate the hardware resources more effectively across the virtual servers.

Benefits of server virtualisation include:

  • Increase resilience and availability of servers
  • Save on operating costs
  • Make servers easier to manage
  • Increase the performance of servers
  • Faster to deploy

How can we help?

Devon Digital Services can assess your current server infrastructure looking at roles, usage, connectivity, resource requirements and other attributes, create a strategy to maximise the utilisation of your current infrastructure, and then assist with the creation of an appropriate virtulisation platform and the migration of your physical servers into your new virtual platform. Post migration, we also offer a range of server management options to ensure that your server estate continues to deliver the most optimised, secure and resilient performance. If you would like to discuss your virtualisation opportunities, please get in touch.